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Bill McKibben’s
New Campaign
“Fossil Free Fast”

ConcordCAN! Is a big fan of Bill McKIbben and We were extremely pleased and excited when he agreed to speak in Concord on January 18 as part of the Climate Solutions Speaker Series. Our “Evening with Bill McKIbben” was every bit as good as we anticipated that it would be. Bill spoke to an overflow crowd of 670 people at First Parish in Concord. The donations at the event were very generous; and these donutions will go to support the work of

As described in a front page story in the Concord Journal, Bill brought us “good and bad news about climate “ Click here to see this local media coverage. He did not mince words when he spoke about the appalling level of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere- far beyond the 350 parts per million that is considered safe for Planet Earth. He spoke powerfully about the disastrous floods, droughts, and violent storms that are already devastating our world and pointed to catastrophic events yet to come. At the same time, he projected some genuine optimism that an invigorated, faster-moving climate movement can still help protect our planet against the worst disaster scenarios.

A special focus of the good news Bill brought us was that despite the very serious obstacles to progress posed by the Trump Administration and the current Congress, the 350 campaign to promote divestment from fossil fuels has been much more successful than was anticipated when it was launched a few years ago. Divestment from fossil fuels has proliferated and expanded well beyond churches and the campuses of colleges and universities. The recent announcement that New York City’s huge Pension Fund will divest, alongside of a NYC law suit aimed at the largest fossil fuel companies, is a huge victory that can signify a turning of the tide in the climate fight.


How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy

The Madhouse Effect

By Michael E. Mann and Tom Toles

The award-winning climate scientist Michael E. Mann and the Pulitzer Prize–winning political cartoonist Tom Toles have been on the front lines of the fight against climate denialism for most of their careers. They have witnessed the manipulation of the media by business and political interests and the unconscionable play to partisanship on issues that affect the well-being of billions. The lessons they have learned have been invaluable, inspiring this brilliant, colorful escape hatch from the madhouse of the climate wars.

Further information about the book .

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Concerned about the impact of climate change and other threats to our natural environment?

CREW - Communities Responding to Extreme Weather

CREW is a network of local leaders building grassroots climate resilience through inclusive & hands-on education, service, and planning. Together, we are working to equip families & communities with the resources and capacity to prepare for and respond to local climate changes equitably, sustainably, & collaboratively. Start a neighborhood CREW or join as an individual to a community of volunteers to building local climate resistence.

Keep Good Stuff out of Landfills!

The Freecycle Network® is made up of 5,000+ groups with over 9 million members across the globe. It's a grassroots, entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. Our mission is to build a worldwide sharing movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources & eases the burden on our landfills while enabling our members to benefit from the strength of a larger community.

Find active groups in Massachusetts: BrowseFreeCycle

Attend a Concord Natural Resource Conservation Coffee

Concord’s Division of Natural Resources hosts a long-standing tradition of conservation coffees the first Tuesday of each month (September through May). These coffees are a round table discussion of current items of interest to the conservation community, and are attended by members of the public, local, state, and federal agencies, land trusts, and grass roots organizations. All are welcome.

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facebook logo If you haven’t done so, check out the ConcordCAN! Facebook group as an interactive way for people to be involved with ConcordCAN!. Just click the link and request to join. You’ll be able to share articles and events with the group, find out about upcoming environmental events in the area, and receive invitations to ConcordCAN! sponsored events, such as speakers, coffees and more. We hope you “Like” it, share with us what you are interested in, and invite others to join.

Join The Biodiversity Climate Action Network (BioCAN)

BioCAN is organizing a team of experts, landscape designers, perm culturists, and landscapers who will share their expertise with you and show you how to convert areas of your yard for to maximize return of carbon to soil and restore nature. BioCAN’s new program, YIMBY–Yes In My BackYard, aims for climate stabilization, water abundance, nutritious and high-yield local food, biological diversity, and healthy ecosystems. If you are interested in attending a “how to” session, learn more, or participate, contact BioCAN.

Become a Citizen Scientist

Satellite Map of a backyardThe YardMap Network is a citizen science project designed to cultivate a richer understanding of bird habitat, for both professional scientists and people concerned with their local environments. We collect data by asking individuals across the country to literally draw maps of their backyards, parks, farms, favorite birding locations, schools, and gardens. We connect you with your landscape details and provide tools for you to make better decisions about how to manage landscapes sustainably.

Review NRDC's Sustainable Living Suggestions

This Month: visit - GoodGuide -to find safe, healthy, green, and ethical product reviews based on scientific ratings wth over 250,000 products on our site, we can help you find what you're looking for.

Green Tips for a Healthy Planet

Read suggestions from Global Stewards. First: Reduce The critical first step of waste prevention has been overshadowed by a focus on recycling. Please help to promote a greater awareness of the importance of the "Reduce" part of the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle mantra. For a great overview of how raw materials and products move around the world, see the video The Story of Stuff

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