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People’s Climate March: NYC Sept. 21

By Bob Lawson

“Come gather ‘round people, wherever you roam”. Dylan’s timeless message- to get involved- has never been more compelling. On Sunday, September 21 in New York City, there will be what promises to be the largest climate rally ever; so large that it won’t be ignored, especially by the world leaders who will gathered in New York at that time for the UN summit on the climate crisis. This is our best chance to put the issue in the forefront, where it belongs. We need bodies; we need voices. All the big movements in history have had people in the streets, and this is the singular issue of our time that will determine ‘how we live, where we live and if we live’. If you plan to do just one thing for the climate movement in the coming year, participating in this march should be that one thing.

The climate crisis has to come out of the shadows. What we are witnessing right now is the biggest ‘disconnect’ in history. The media largely ignores it, the politicians run from it and people generally don’t even acknowledge that the entire planet is on the brink of a catastrophic shift that threatens everything we hold dear. The People’s Climate March can go a long way towards turning this thing around, but we need many hundreds of thousands of bodies to do that. Otherwise, it will just be one more blip in the scenario of business-as-usual. Let’s rise to our responsibility at this historical juncture.

The actual March will commence at 11:30 am on September 21, and will proceed through the heart of downtown Manhattan. Scores of busses will provide round-trip transportation from Boston’s western suburbs, leaving early that morning and arriving home that evening. Please contact ?? to sign up. If you prefer a less rushed trip, there will be climate events, presentations, symposiums and movies in New York in the days preceding the Sunday March. You can find more information at

If you need inspiration to move yourself out of the tranquility of Concord and into the excitement of the most important movement of our time, please check out the new movie, “Disruption”. There are various local showings, or you can see the powerful trailer by googling disruption-official trailer on vimeo. The entire hour-long movie can be viewed on your computer at

Just this morning, I heard an excellent sermon by Rev. John Lombard at TriCon. One phrase especially stood out for me. He said that managers ‘do things right’, whereas leaders ‘do the right thing’. I hope that on September 21, we all leave our manager jobs, and become leaders. See you in New York!

Bob Lawson is a member of the ConcordCAN! Steering Committee